Too much reality ( Amy Dowdey)

Posted by Barabal on Thursday, April 30. 2020 in April 2021

Too much reality

     My last client for the day Rose wiped her tears away and stuffed the tissue in her pocket. She apologized, as she always does, for crying as she gathered her things to leave. We both pulled up our masks before I pulled back the plexiglass partition clearing the way for her to leave. Without the partitions, in person therapy sessions would not be possible, and I would still only be doing telehealth sessions.  

     I told Rose, as I always do, that this is one place it is always okay to cry. I could see her eyes crinkle when she smiled as she left and said she would see me next week. I have been seeing Rose for several months now, she is still reeling from the impact of the pandemic on her family. Rose has five children. Three of whom went into medicine and worked on the frontlines with patients infected with the corona virus. Two of those children became infected themselves, and while they did recover, they were extremely ill, and it was close. This took its toll on Rose, though she does not let them see this. She is grateful her family is alive and well now. 

     We keep some distance, but I walk Rose to the door. I watch her through the window as she unlocks her bicycle, puts on her helmet and rides away. I like Rose, she has changed her lifestyle quite a bit. Not everyone has, but it was important to her. In the beginning of the pandemic while we all sheltered at home pollution levels came down since people were not driving much and the earth began to heal. Animals came closer to the cities and we now live with more awareness of their presence. Animals were always there before. In my neighborhood there was the occasional bobcat and coyote sighting but now they walk the streets and sidewalks with much less concern for humans.   We are still in our homes much of the time, so they do not retreat.  The bobcats and coyotes are helpful, they keep the rabbit and rat population under control.  There are also a lot of large birds around that were not there before. 

     The next morning my first client of the day is waiting for me when I arrive. She excitedly begins to tell me about a new job that she interviewed for and thinks that she may really have a chance of getting. Julia is not wearing long sleeves today; the weather is beginning to warm up. I can see the scar on her forearm from her wrist heading up toward the inside of her elbow. Late last summer Julia attempted suicide. It was during subsequent wave of the corona virus. 

     Julia has a beautiful voice and loves to sing but her family could not afford college and she did not want to try and pay back student loans, so she did not go to university. Julia was working as a waitress when the pandemic hit, and she lost her job. She was able to get unemployment funding, and this helped for a while, but she lost her apartment and was living in her car. In time she moved in with a few friends to share the rent. Julia became very depressed when she was not able to find any kind of work, among other things, and eventually attempted suicide. She was found in time and taken to the emergency room. Very few people were able to get inpatient psychiatric care during this time. Julia had tried but was refused. Inpatient psychiatric units are built to prevent people from isolating themselves, so they were not safe and admission criteria was very strict. Currently plexiglass is used in the common areas of psychiatric inpatient facilities to allow for admissions without placing patients at risk. After Julia was released from the hospital, she moved in with friends who were willing to help her out for a while. She is very worried about leaning on them for too long and is desperate to find a job now. 

     My caseload is full of these kinds of stories right now, including doctors and nurses traumatized by the many lives they could not save. It is a little over a year now since the pandemic hit. We have a new president and while republicans and democrats will always be at odds with each other things feel less chaotic now. A vaccination has been discovered but producing enough for everyone takes time, so we keep physically distant and wait, and hope the end of this is near. The scars from this however will last. 


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  • Ruben
    Hi Amy, here in London the impact of Covid-19 in general appears to have been quite mild, judging by all the smiling people having a nice time off in the parks. It's easy to forget that for many this virus has made life in even tougher than it was before. Your story really brings that home. Sounds like it was based on personal experience. Thanks for sharing it.
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