Retreat from the Sweet ( Lizzie )

Posted by Barabal on Wednesday, May 13. 2020 in Prohibition

Retreat from the Sweet 


Don’t sprinkle the kiddy winks with sugar

Substitute sugar wherever you “could’ah”

No sugar in hot drinks tea or coffee

Don’t rot your teeth, for sure no toffee

Soft drinks and Tizer will not do

Try something different, burst out with the new

Snap crackle pop, the sugar will rot

Everything from your mouth to your bot

Cereals are OK for you, but sugar, that won’t do

Try honey, that’s the natural option for you

Busy bees are the answer, they’re working for us

To produce runny honey that’s a must

Take all of your goodies from under the bed

An put runny honey in the cupboard instead

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