Crystal Pendant ( Lizzie )

Posted by Barabal on Friday, June 5. 2020 in Ornament

Crystal Pendant


It was 60 km from the Israeli border on the Egyptian side of the Read Sea. Hidden way down on an unused track, leading all the way to the beach, there were small bamboo Bedouin huts that you could rent out about 2m from the sea. When I visited there for some downtime now and then, there would be quite an eclectic group of people, they were mainly travellers that were passing through the area. There were no luxuries in these places, they were just basic Bedouin huts that were just big enough to sleep in, with the same area again for your clothes and a small bag, that’s it! One night when we were all gathered around the open fire, with the sea lapping in front of us, a group gathered round, which so often was the case, candles would be lit, leading all the way down to the fire and the sea. No sound or light pollution, it was magical, we would all chat about life and the meaning of it all, why we are here etc. Travellers were very insightful, spiritual, and usually we had a lovely discussion lasting through the late evening and into the night. Nothing unusual occurred and on the last night we were about to head off our separate ways, when a young woman of about 25 years tapped on the door of my hut, she had been in the group with us previously. I liked her opinions and chats within the group, but nothing really close. ‘Now’ she was stood in front of me, dangling a huge hexagon shaped crystal on the end of a silver chain. She said to me, that she had enjoyed the last few days, and that she was moving on. However, before she did, she wanted to give me this crystal necklace.


She said that, she thought I would get the most out of it, out of the whole group, and that if I carried it around with me from now on, it would bring me luck, healing, spiritual fulfilment, prosperity, and good fortune would follow me all my days. I was a bit astonished and felt special that she had chosen me out of the whole group. She hugged me, gave me the pendant and said goodbye. I never saw her again. This happened about 20 years ago. I still have the pendant to this day, and I have to say I feel blessed in life, whether it is the energy from the crystal or not, who is to say? I’d like to think it is


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